What We Fund

Climate justice represents a human-centered approach that respects people’s rights and addresses the inequities associated with climate change.  Climate change affects different people differently, depending on age, gender, livelihood, socio-economic status, living location, and a range of other factors. CJRF seeks to support communities first hit, first to respond, and first to adapt to climate change to develop and scale climate solutions that help them reduce risks, manage shocks, rebound, and continue charting a sustainable development path. In other words, we support communities to build climate resilience. We have identified a priority set of people, places, and project entry points that enable CJRF to address the most significant injustices uniquely associated with climate change impacts.

Climate justice also demands that those who have the most responsibility for the emissions causing climate change shoulder the greatest responsibility for costs of emissions reduction. The benefits of shifting to a low-carbon economy must also be shared equitably.  However, activities addressing these emissions-related aspects of climate justice are not currently a funding focus for CJRF.  We prioritize activities that help communities address injustices associated with changes in their climate. Many of these also can help to attain the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.