Project Entry Points

CJRF grants focus on four inter-related issues through which climate change may profoundly affect the lives and prospects of our selected constituencies, namely: water access, food security and sovereignty, sustainable livelihoods, and climate-related migration and relocation. By using these four issue areas as project "entry points," CJRF aims to address the most profound injustices associated uniquely with climate change impacts.

Water Access

Accessing safe water is one of the most critical issues to secure climate justice, in particular for women and girls. CJRF seeks to help ensure that communities have local access to adequate clean water, even as the climate changes.



Food Security and sovereignty

Many impacts of climate change directly affect the food supplies of smallholder farmers, hunters, fishers, and pastoralists. CJRF seeks to help ensure food security among these communities by promoting climate-resilient agricultural practices, protecting communities' land and resource rights, and ensuring sustained access to wild foods.


Sustainable livelihoods

Climate change can negatively affect people's ability to meet basic needs and move out of poverty. It may also further entrench gender and age disparities around livelihood activities and coping mechanisms.  CJRF seeks to help communities develop and sustain climate-resilient livelihood options, and ensure that livelihood benefits are shared equitably. 

Migration and relocation

The effects of climate change will lead many to relocate or migrate, either involuntarily or by choice. Governments, which are primarily responsible for relocation, often do not adequately consult with or support communities.  CJRF seeks to strengthen communities to take control of their own plans and actions in the case of climate-related relocation or migration.