Pillars of Work

CJRF promotes community-led, rights-based approaches to adaptation and resilience-building. We see our role as helping to build a movement of people creating, demonstrating and advocating for these approaches, with those on the ‘front lines’ of climate change at the heart of the movement.  To that end, CJRF support flows to five “pillars” of work:


Building the advocacy skills of women, youth and indigenous peoples, and securing their greater participation in climate change decision-making at local, national and international levels.             

Access to Information

Improving access to information so that communities better understand how climate change affects their natural resources, livelihoods, and cultural traditions.

Local Initiatives

Supporting community-driven climate-resilient development solutions.

Movement Infrastructure

Providing general operating support to community-led organizations in order to strengthen civil society structures for networking, knowledge sharing, and community engagement.

Leadership Development

Increasing the skills of emerging leaders among women, youth and indigenous communities so that they can enhance collective action around climate justice.